Sunday 29 November 2015

Nekromantik 2 (1991)

Welcome to House of Mortal Cinema’s interactive movie experience designed to help YOU get the most out of your viewing choice. Today we’ll be watching Arrow’s new Region 2/B DVD & Blu-ray release of Jorg Buttgereit’s NEKROMANTIK 2. For this you will need the following:

1 A strong stomach.
2 A sense of humour.
3 The fast forward button on your remote control.

Got all of those? Great! Then away we go! Here is a list of the highlights in Mr Buttgereit’s second film about necrophilia that once again veers between the utterly disgusting and the ludicrously funny with gay abandon:

1 A pretty girl digging up a corpse in a churchyard while nice     
          music plays and we get some arty shots of snails and lizards. 

Pretty girl digging up a corpse
2 The pretty girl’s naked bottom bouncing up and down on said 
        corpse after she has brought it home, accompanied by more   
        pleasant piano music.
3 Pretty girl meets new boyfriend who has a day job dubbing    

What all young lovers do on a first date
4 A daft black and white art house interlude in which two naked 
        Germans discuss ornithology while eating hard boiled eggs.
5 The pretty girl singing a love song to a corpse while being    
        accompanied by the German equivalent of Terry Jones’   
        insane Monty Python organist.

Time for a song!
6 Pretty girl cuts up corpse in the bath. This goes on a bit.

Bathtime does not end well. This is the tasteful still
7 Pretty girl goes to zoo with boyfriend. This goes on even 
        longer. But is less disgusting.

Less disgusting?
8 The willy in the fridge bit.
9 Pretty girl and her weird friends watch post mortem of a seal. 
        If you don’t fast forward through this you have more staying    
        power than I do.
10 Pretty girl realises she can only have meaningful relationship 
        with boyfriend if she saws his head off while having sex with 
11 “Humorous” German punchline.
12 The End.

For a zero budget daft German film Arrow could be accused of not just going the extra mile here but possibly going a few miles too far in terms of extras. You get a commentary track, a 30 minute vintage making of, a 40 minute new making of, ten minutes of the locations, a video essay on the significance of the use of Berlin in the movie, composer / actor Mark Reeder on his contribution to the score, 11 minutes of out-takes, highlights from the live performance of the entire film score, two short films  - Bloody Excess in the Leader’s Bunker and A Moment of Silence at the Grave of Ed Gein and a couple of music videos.

Arrow’s three disc set consists of Blu-ray, DVD, and CD of the film’s score (which is actually really good and almost a reason in itself to get this). So if you love NEKROMANTIK 2 you’ll want this. If you weren’t sure at the start hopefully all the above has helped you decide if you want to take the plunge. Hopefully you have all been suitably informed / warned.

Arrow are releasing Jorg Buttgereit's deliriously disgusting NEKROMANTIK 2 in a limited-edition 3 disc set on 7th December 2015. I wonder if it will sell out as quickly as the HELLRAISER set. 

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