Sunday, 26 June 2016

Reptilicus (1961)


Oh yes indeed, Denmark’s sole contribution to the giant monster on the rampage subgenre is a very grotty beast indeed. But now you don’t have to take my word for it - Fabulous Films are releasing it on DVD in the UK.

Effects that really are special

Long before Lego, another Danish giant sought to take over the world (it says here on the press release). While searching for copper ore, miners inadvertently dig up the frozen tail of a massive and previously unidentified prehistoric beast. 

Even the local bathroom accessories shop isn't safe!

       It’s taken to Copenhagen aquarium where thankfully nobody sings Danny Kaye songs (that bit for our older readers) and the Danish answer to Adam Sandler is employed to keep an eye on it.

Denmark's answer to Adam Sandler gets taken unawares!

Pretty soon it’s thawing out and regenerating into (according to the press release) a giant, acid-spitting monster that can fly (we never see that), swim (by which they mean sink), walk (erm...not really - it’s more sort of dragged around by ‘unseen’ wires) and has impenetrable scales. 

Cartoon Danish farmers watch out too!!

       UN appointed military general Mark Grayson (played by Carl Ottosen, star of SOLDATERKAMMERATER PÅ EFTERÅRSMANOVRE (1968) and GULD TIL PRAERIENS SKRAPPE DRENGE (1971), neither of which will probably get reviewed on here but you never know, and THE RELUCTANT SADIST (1967) which just might) thinks he knows a way to penetrate the creature, in what is the last of a string of unintentionally innuendo-laden lines for those of you who are amused by such sophistication. (And if you enjoy that you’ll be delighted at the young blonde-haired scientist’s assertion that he’s ‘firm’ earlier on). The problem with REPTILICUS is, if you blow him up, he turns into lots of little Reptilici. Will the budget stretch to it? Perhaps in the final shot? Should I even be getting your hopes up? 

REPTILICUS: the pantomime! Can you see him boys and girls?

REPTILICUS is credited to producer-director Sid Pink, who was also responsible / to blame, along with Ib Melchior, for THE ANGRY RED PLANET which Fabulous Films are also putting out. Actually the original REPTILICUS was shot in Danish by Poul Bang, then Sid filmed a second version in ‘English’ which had to be reworked by Ib.

Military attempts to thwart REPTILICUS fail because their vehicles are far too small

As monster movies go REPTILICUS isn’t very good, but as cheesy Friday night after the pubs have closed and fifteen pints are enough really and it’s either this or inspecting the living room carpet for the painful eternity of a hangover that will stretch well into Saturday, it’s actually a lot of fun. Fabulous Films’ DVD contains no extras, but chances are if you've enjoyed the stills here you'll enjoy the film as well. With or without the enhancing effects of a heavy Friday night out.

REPTILICUS gets released on UK DVD in all its glory by Fabulous Films on Monday 4th July 2016

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