Monday, 14 September 2020

Crystal Eyes (2018)

One of the best films to premiere at 2018's London Frightfest is now available to watch on the Arrow Channel. 

It's the 1980s - at least it certainly seems that way from that music, those hairstyles and those fashions. A year after supermodel Alexis Carpenter dies horribly in a bizarre catwalk accident members of the fashion house she worked with are being bumped off by a killer dressed as a mannequin. Will anyone survive to inherit Alexis' diamante-encrusted tiara as Queen of the supermodels? Or will everyone be dead by the blood and glitter-drenched climax?

Written and directed by Ezequiel Endelman and Leandro Montejano, CRYSTAL EYES is a brightly coloured, fabulously ambitious, deliciously stylish tribute to giallo cinema that's all the more impressive because of what is achieved on an obviously very low budget. 

There are plenty of in-jokes for Italian horror cinema aficionados, both in character names and in the production design that manages to successfully homage Dario Argento's SUSPIRIA with sets probably made from plywood and prayers. 

The attention to detailing in the costume and accoutrement design is marvellous - even the umbrellas are interesting. Does one really curl one's eyelashes like that, though? I'm not so sure.

Tremendous fun and a must watch for any fan of the verve, sparkle and style of 1970s Italian horror cinema, CRYSTAL EYES is an assured and impressive debut for its two directors and is hopefully just the first of many projects from them. The music (by Pablo Fuu) is excellent as well. Come on, Arrow - let's have a double disc Blu-ray release of this with a soundtrack CD included. 

CRYSTAL EYES is currently available to view on the 
Arrow Channel

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