Saturday, 18 June 2022

Ultrasound (2021)

"Ambitious, Thought-Provoking Science Fiction "

Director Rob Schroeder's movie of screenwriter Conor Steechschulte's adaptation of his own graphic novel Generous Bosom, which premiered at last year's London Frightfest, gets a digital release from Blue Finch.

On his way home from a friend's wedding, Glen (Vincent Kartheiser) drives over some strategically-placed nails and finds himself making his way through the dark and the pouring rain to the house of Arthur (Bob Stephenson) and Arthur's wife Cyndi (Chelsea Lopez). Almost immediately things get weird as Arthur asks Glen to sleep with Cyndi, something Glen either does or at least believes that he does. Months later Arthur turns up at Glen's house and shows him video footage of a pregnant Cyndi. Now what's to be done about that? 

Meanwhile we are being introduced to a senatorial candidate who has his possibly pregnant lover holed up in a remote hideaway, and a research laboratory looking into the effects of sound on behaviour. Does it all tie together? It surely does and an early shot of breakfast things seemingly left out in the rain suggests that what Glen is experiencing at that early point in the story might not be what's actually happening. 

ULTRASOUND is the kind of film that's difficult to talk about too much without spoiling it. Rest assured that everything does pretty much fit together and, perhaps more importantly, the viewer is left to work out, and ruminate upon, all that has happened. It's thoughtful and ambitious and is perhaps more of a commentary on the times we live in than is first apparent. Here's the trailer:

ULTRASOUND is out on digital platforms from Blue Finch on Monday 20th June 2022

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