Tuesday 19 March 2024

A Million Days (2023)

 "Thought-Provoking British SF"

After its UK premiere at Frightfest last year, Mitch Jenkins' warning (or is it?) about what AI might become gets a digital release from Signature Entertainment.

It's the future (2041 to be exact) and it's eco-catastrophe time. Mankind's only hope is to 'seed' somewhere else in the universe and make it habitable. Not surprisingly earth's moon has been chosen for the planned procedure. Anderson (Simon Merrells) is the man to head the mission and his partner Sam (Kemi-Bo Jacobs) is the scientist responsible for creating Jay, the AI that's being used to simulate and predict every possible outcome. 

So when Sam's assistant Charlie (Hermione Corfield) arrives and explains that she has caused the simulation to look at the next 2739 years (the 'Million Days' of the title) why has Jay ignored the moon as man's next potential place of colonisation and instead gone straight to Europa? And does it have anything to do with a previous moon mission where Nazra (Nina Mahdavi) was killed? 

After a bit of a bumpy start A MILLION DAYS settles down and turns out to be rather good science-fiction of the 'three people in a room discussing the potential catastrophic effects of a scientific advance' type. I'm saying that so that you're not put off by the first fifteen minutes, where events and info dumps all stumble over each other a bit and may feel a bit confusing. Be assured it's all relevant and as the film proceeds there are a number of very satisfying twists and turns. By the end you're left with enough to ponder and as such A MILLION DAYS falls very much into the category that is that gem of science fiction - the small film with big ideas. Let's have a trailer:

A MILLION DAYS is out on digital now from Signature Entertainment

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