Thursday 4 April 2024

Til Death Do Us Part (2023)

"In Desperate Need Of Counselling"

Timothy J Woodward, Jr's TIL DEATH US DO PART, now getting a UK digital release from Plaion Pictures, has a great action movie central premise. A bride (Natalie Burn) gets cold feet on her wedding day and leaves her husband to be at the altar. This causes the ire of his seven groomsmen. Led by the Best Man (Cam Gigandet) they hunt her down and she ends up having to violently despatch each of them. 

That sounds great, doesn't it? Reminiscent of Tarantino or, for the more literary minded, Cornell Woolrich. So make sure you check out the work of those instead rather than watching this hugely disappointing effort, which is short on action and very long in meaningless, meandering dialogue scenes that frequently feel improvised. 

There's another plot going on as well, bits of which are revealed in either flash forwards or flashbacks (the film is never clear until the end) and which only serve to confuse the narrative, and to cause fans of THE LOST BOYS (1988) to squint at the screen and ask themselves if that really is Jason Patric (it is). Cam Gigandet tries hard to inject some charisma into the proceedings to the point where you begin to feel sorry for him, and Natalie Burn is actually quite good in the few action scenes where she's required to do something. 

Most likely responsible for none of this working is director Timothy Woodward, who made the similarly dreadful THE FINAL WISH (2018) and whose film-making skills seem to have actually got worse in the five years since. Watch READY OR NOT again instead. Meanwhile here's the trailer: 

TIL DEATH US DO PART is out on Digital Platforms with a new revised release date of Monday 15th April 2024

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