Sunday, 28 August 2016

Frightfest 2016 Day Four


Kicks off with an altar, a sacrifice and something wiggly. Then we cut to some cyclists in the countryside, and what should have been RACE WITH THE DEVIL on bikes. Instead we get half an hour of absolutely nothing at all. I didn’t like the director’s previous HIDDEN IN THE WOODS and I didn’t like this. No more of his stuff, I think.

Alternate Title: Skid Marks

Let's Be Evil

Evil hyper-intelligent kiddies in the CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED mould in this low-budget virtual reality British picture. A fun twist at the end but there was rather too much running around in the dark in this one for me.

Alternate Title: Prodigies of Pain


Girl with serious problems of her own ends up looking after obnoxious, self-obsessed, tetraplegic ‘rock star’ who caused his own spinal injury through stupidity. A collection of damaged and / or unpleasant characters in a grim tale that I suspect is striving for 'gritty realism'. Unfortunately it just goes all daft in the last act & I ended up not liking it very much at all.

Alternate Title: Crack Heads


The spirit of Arthur Machen strikes again with this marvellous, atmospheric Welsh horror tale of a valley and the ancient spirits that protect it. Some truly excellent photography gives the landscape a personality all its own, and the movie also boasts some great performances. A real discovery and one of my favourites.

Alternate Title: Druid’s Revenge

Bad Blood: The Movie

Oh yes - this is what we want on a Sunday night! People turning into giant frog monsters and going on the rampage! Gleefully wearing its Frank Henenlotter influence like a dripping slimy crown, this is terrific splattery fun - well directed, with amusing performances and some great non-CGI effects. Full marks for BAD BLOOD.

Alternate Title: Night of the Werefrogs (even the director admitted it’s probably going to get a release as something like that)

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