Sunday, 20 November 2016

Abertoir Highlights Day 5

A talk by all-round exploitation expert Stephen Thrower on Lucio Fulci and free hot dogs were among the things on the menu today. Here are the films:


An original, working class, and very modern take on the idea of invisibility as disease. In the grimmest of grim logging towns in Canada, a man travels home to reconnect with his troubled daughter. There's the suggestion of mental illness in the family, but that's not nearly as dramatic as what's actually going on. THE UNSEEN is so slow those with less stamina may well give up on it after half an hour, but it's worth sticking with because by the end it's actually rather clever.



He's not, you know! Or is he? To find out exactly why that's such a very good title for this one you'll have to watch the film. Young John Wayne Cleaver is worried he is a psychopath. Meanwhile someone is killing the inhabitants of the small north American town where he lives. I can't say much more than that or I'll be spoiling some neat surprises. This new feature from ISOLATION director Billy O'Brien is just as quirky and worth watching at least twice.


With live score performed by Fabio Frizzi and his band! A European premiere and quite fabulous. Frizzi had rewritten and rearranged the music so there was lots more of it in this, a performance that was as much about the music as it was the movie. Encores included music from Lamberto Bava's BLASTFIGHTER and DEVOURING WAVES. If anyone had told the much younger me that one day I would be sitting in a packed auditorium listening to a live performance of any of this I would have said there was about as much chance of that as there being a horror film festival in Aberystwyth,

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