Thursday, 17 November 2016

Abertoir Highlights Day Two

So THE FLY (1959) looked great on the big screen, as did SHIVERS, and Abertoir special guest Lynn Lowry both looked great and was a fabulous interviewee, talking about her roles in I DRINK YOUR BLOOD, THE CRAZIES & SHIVERS. Arrow Films will be bringing out George A Romero's THE CRAZIES on Blu-ray and the interview was recorded to be included on the disc.
There was only one new movie during our exhausting eleven hour day, but it was a goodie:


Yes it's from the director of TROLL HUNTER and no, it's nothing like it but I suppose they have to put it on the posters. In Virginia, the investigation of a suspected multiple homicide at a family home uncovers the body of an unidentified young woman buried in the basement. She's taken to Brian Cox's mortuary for an autopsy where, as each incision is made and each organ is taken apart, he and his son (played by Emile Hirsch) find things becoming very odd indeed. Not fair to tell you anything else but this is great - virtually a two hander in a single location, making it feel like a TWILIGHT ZONE or Amicus episode but not in the least bit padded out. Filmed in the UK, not that you would ever have guessed it, and out on general release next year. Catch it when it is.

No other new pictures to review today so instead I'm going to post a picture of one of the many endearing traditions of Abertoir - the themed cocktail. Last year we had the Matool (for ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS), the Butch (for THEATRE OF BLOOD) and the Mad Monk (for Hammer's Rasputin). Needles to say Mrs Probert and I have tried all of these today: 

There was also the (infamous) pub quiz and a midnight showing of Lucio Fulci's THE NEW YORK RIPPER, which I like enough that I had seen it sufficient times already. Bed beckoned once more...

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