Sunday, 23 April 2017

Broadchurch Series 3 (2017)

        Chris Chibnall’s West Country-set coastal crime drama returns for a final series, now getting a Blu-ray and DVD release from Acorn Entertainment.

         This time, DI Alex Hardy (David Tennant) and DS Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) are called in to investigate the brutal sexual assault on a local woman, Trish Winterman (Julie Hesmondhalgh). 

         From the off things are not quite as they seem, as it turns out Trish is reporting the crime several days after it occured. The fact that it took place at a party where seemingly most of the town were in attendance means that soon the suspect list is looking longer that the credit roll at the end of the programme.

         Meanwhile, the shadow of previous events still hangs over the town, as Mark Latimer (Andrew Buchan), father of murdered son Danny, is still determined to achieve justice for his son. 

         I reviewed the first two series of BROADCHURCH two years ago here. Anyone worried that the show has continued the decline in quality that was series 2 can rest assured - this is top notch melodrama that has the distinct feel of a British countryside giallo to it, albeit without the murders but definitely with a collection of suspicious characters, any one of whom could be responsible for the crime.

         As before the acting is great, with Tennant and Colman continuing to be an appealing team. There are a number of new cast members, many of whom seem to have been culled from the ranks of the British TV comedy hall of fame. These include Roy Hudd (who was also in Tigon’s THE BLOOD BEAST TERROR), THE FAST SHOW’s Charlie Higson, and Lenny Henry (who would have thought TISWAS would eventually lead to this?).

        The whole show is engrossing and, despite some over the top moments, all played admirably straight, although anyone who has seen Charlie Brooker’s wonderful TOUCH OF CLOTH spoofs may have trouble keeping a straight face on occasion. 

         Acorn Media’s disc release comes with ten minutes of deleted scenes, a making of and a piece on Broadchurch Style. Anyone familiar with the part of the country in which it was filmed will have loads of fun spotting Books on the Hill, Murrays, The Salthouse and other Clevedon landmarks.
         All very fine stuff indeed, BROADCHURCH Series 3 puts this show back on top where UK crime drama is concerned. And yes, let’s end it now and go out on top, shall we?

BROADCHURCH Series 3 is out on Blu-ray and DVD from Acorn Media on Monday 24th April 2017. There's also a box set of all three series out that looks like this:

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