Sunday, 6 January 2019

Under the Tree (2018)

"An Icelandic Gem"

Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurjónsson's dark suburban satire gets a dual format and on demand release from Eureka.
When Atli's wife catches him watching a video of Atli having sex with someone else, she throws him out of the house, instigates custodial proceedings regarding their daughter Asa, and refuses to speak to him.

He moves in with his parents at just the same time as they embark on a bitter dispute with their neighbours. Atli's parents have a large tree, which is casting a large shadow on next door's property. The neighbours have complained repeatedly but nothing has been done. 

After a few episodes of petty vandalism, the family cat goes missing. Will the neighbours' dog be next? And why have they just bought a chainsaw?

A funny, dark, and bloody satire on the perils of living in suburbia, UNDER THE TREE pulls off the tricky balance between the horrors of what is happening to its main characters while at the same time allowing us to appreciate just how ludicrous everything increasingly becomes. 

The Independent has called it 'FARGO done Reykjavik-style' and there's certainly a touch of Coen brothers-style madness to the proceedings, and a similarly skilful handling of actors as they get more and more mired in the Alan Ayckbourn-style story.

Eureka's disc comes with an entertaining 23 minute Making Of, and the English subtitles on the movie are optional. 

UNDER THE TREE is out on Blu-ray, DVD & VOD from
Eureka from Monday 14th January 2019

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