Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Forgotten (2011)

Made a couple of years ago and, having been subject to a couple of retitlings since (never a good sign), what was originally known as FALLS THE SHADOW, and was released for the American market as ZOMBIE WARZ (oh dear) now rears its head on UK DVD as THE FORGOTTEN. The ad campaign has changed radically over that time as well. The US release does its best to capitalise on the then-success of the Brad Pitt-starring WORLD WAR Z. Anyone picking up THE FORGOTTEN could be forgiven for thinking, on the basis of the cover art, that it’s a riff on MAD MAX, which it really isn’t.
THE FORGOTTEN is a micro-budgeted, amateurish horror film that's been shot using one of those blue-grey filters that makes everything appear in a kind of gloomy, cold semi-darkness they really should start calling ‘Miserivision’.

There’s been an apocalypse, presumably of the zombie variety as there are still a few flesh-eating mumblies wandering the bleak landscape. A mad Reverend (Phil Perry) has painted a swastika on the confederate flag and considers it his God-given duty to create a new America, one that will be so right wing it’s going to meet itself coming round the back if it’s not careful. Michael the soldier returns to find his wife murdered and his daughter kidnapped by the Reverend’s redneck rabble. Will he and his father be able to save her? Will they be able to rebuild society? Will you care by the end?

One for the post zombie-apocalypse completist only, if you feel like watching a very cheap, cobbled together, not-terribly-well-acted cross between THE ROAD and STAKELAND then by all means give THE FORGOTTEN a go. Everyone else I hope has been duly warned.
       101 Films’ DVD of THE FORGOTTEN includes a making of featurette and a trailer. And I will admit the box art isn’t bad at all. 

101 Films released THE FORGOTTEN / FALLS THE SHADOW / ZOMBIE WARZ (oh dear) on DVD on 28th April 2014

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  1. 'Miserivision' - perfect. That's what I'll call any blue-filter show or movie I'm forced to see from now on.