Saturday 3 November 2018

The Gateway aka Alpha Gateway (2018)

"Intriguing SF Thriller"

After a successful festival run, John V Soto's new science fiction film comes to VOD as either THE GATEWAY or ALPHA GATEWAY depending on where you live.

Jane Chandler (Jacqueline McKenzie) is a particle physicist researching a method of contacting parallel universes. She eventually succeeds, transporting an apple that is returned with a bite taken out of it, along with a handwritten message of greeting. When Jane and her colleague Regg (Ben Mortley) send a video camera across they get a recording back showing that the universe they have contacted is very much like their own, right down to it being populated by their doubles.

Jane's husband Matt (Myles Pollard) is killed in a car accident. Jane sends herself into the parallel universe to find the Matt over there still alive. She brings him back to her world. But New Dimension Matt isn't quite like Old Dimension Matt, as Jane soon finds out to her and her family's cost. 

Belonging to the same SF movie subgenre as Nacho Vigalondo's Spanish TIMECRIMES (2007) and this year's MEGA TIME SQUAD from New Zealand, here director John V Soto gives us an Australian take on the theme of messing with realities one should leave well alone. He does a very good job as well, working within what must have been a low budget. In fact along with the above movies, THE GATEWAY feels very much like a superior episode of the late 1990s OUTER LIMITS TV series. 

I reviewed John V Soto's NEEDLE on here a few (six!) years ago, & it's good to see he remains a film-maker interested in pursuing thought-provoking genre projects. Ideally what he needs is Hollywood studio backing with the kind of budget that would allow him to more widely explore the ideas raised in THE GATEWAY. 

In the meantime, catch up with THE GATEWAY (and NEEDLE for that matter) so you can say you were there before John V Soto hit the big time. 

John V Soto's THE GATEWAY aka ALPHA GATEWAY is out
 on various VOD platforms now, including Amazon Prime in the UK).  

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